Boychuk New Home Construction

Quality and service are the two most important elements that go into every Boychuk Home.  The late Mike Boychuk, founder of Boychuk Construction, had always stressed this and today this family-owned business has grown into Saskatoon's most respected and recognized home builder. The first home constructed by Mike Boychuk in 1945 is located on Lansdowne Avenue.  The fact that the original owners are still in residence is an amazing testimonial to the quality that would soon become the trademark of every Boychuk Home.  

Over the next few years, the company grew to the point that Boychuk Companies Ltd. was formed in 1953 to help deal with the growing concerns of post war Saskatoon.  This allowed the distinctive divisions to operate independently and in conjunction with the framework of Boychuk Companies Ltd. 


Boychuk Construction's first offices were opened at the corner of Eighth Street East and Preston Avenue and became part of the busy thoroughfare.  Several years ago, the company relocated the original Eighth Street East and Preston office to the corner or Eighth Street East and McOrmond Road, just east of the Briarwood subdivision.

Over the years, Boychuk Construction has helped to shape and define the very neighbourhoods that comprise the City of Saskatoon.  College Park, River Heights, Confederation Park, Fairhaven, Avalon, Wildwood, Silverwood North, Lakeridge, Erindale and Arbor Creek are subdivisions in which Boychuk Construction was a major land developer.


In 2006, with Boychuk Investments as the lead developer, work began on the Rosewood subdivision.  Rosewood is home to a 65 acre wetlands conservation park, and once complete, will house over 11,000 residents, Saskatoon’s largest ever subdivision.

Since its inception over 70 years ago, Boychuk Construction continues to play an important role in the development of Saskatoon.  When thinking of building a new home think Boychuk Homes because OVER 7,000 HOMEOWNERS CAN'T BE WRONG!